Prayer for the Beginning of the Semester

O God of Wisdom, 

We are witnessing so much in this broken world these days. We see how hatred, division, and greed have shaped our national community and have pushed our relationships with one another toward animosity rather than love and acceptance. 

We see the pain and death caused by an unknown illness. We worry for those who have been infected and who have yet to be. We see nurses and doctors overworked and others out of work. We witness all this in the midst of the start of a new semester, with all its hopes and anxieties.

Keep us in your grace and peace. Show us how to listen, question, learn, and respond in the midst of the turmoil around us. Even when we aren’t able to be in the same room with one another, send us signs that we are connected as a community. Teach us to support one another in these challenging times, that we can model Christ’s love for one another. 

Remind us that we belong to you in Christ. Show us to recognize your face in those around us, signs of your reign on earth. Give us ways to cultivate peace in the midst of war, calm in the midst of anxiety, and love in the midst of hate. Teach us, too, to receive the unconditional love you give to us, remembering that in Christ you are always with us. 

May our studies and our time together, whether online or in person, help us to grow as disciples, citizens, and persons shaped by the love of Christ. 


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